This is one of my favorite games to play: crack open a couple of different bottles of the same vintage and drink them in a group of 4/6 people.
Tasting is one thing, drinking is indeed another.
When one gets a sip of something is more prone to say yes to sweeter, rounder and boulder drinks (kind off the Pepsi challenge).
And although for a professional palate there isn’t much of a difference, sharing a couple of great bottles during lunch is the real reason why I am in this business.
On this occasion I went for the super forward, fruit friendly 2011 vintage of Barolo.
On one hand with the tough Serralunga crù of Cappellano and on the other with the smoother, rounder Cannubi Boschis by Sandrone.
Well guess what?
The Cannubi Boschis was way more austere and silente than the Serralunga one.
As a matter of fact this is the first ever Piè franco with the sweetest fruit and the smoothest tannins ever in a young vintage. It usually takes ten years before this amazing thoroughbred becomes ready with all its nuances and characters.
This bottle was a beauty from the first second with a bunch of medical herbs, loads of dry rose petals, red berries and licorice. I was gonna drink the bottle by myself!
Sandrone’s wine instead was way too young with some super structured tannins, a lot of black berries and track loads of oak spices still. I would hide the Cannubi away for a while waiting for the wine to come to the right level of maturity.