I love going wine shopping during the Holidays. People think I am crazy as I have already a pretty big cellar but I still love to go spend a few bucks on something I will enjoy immediately! So I thought of 8 wines I will be tasting during the Holidays and wanted you guys as a list!

I guess what I like is the taste of holidays. I like savoring the moment I will be opening the bottles with the candle lights, the cold outside and the warm friendly heat of the Christmas and New Year’s tables.



Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Doc Amets San Maman

Often Prosecco is used as a synonymous of sparkling wine all over the world. Unfortunately a lot of it is cheap and nasty and it isn’t authentic Prosecco Doc. This is the most loved wine of the year across the board. Hand down, all guests, friends and clients I have been offering this wine to have just raved about it! Peach, tangerines, acacia honey aromas. Super fine bubbles with a wonderful roundness and a very pleasant residual sugar that make the wine fly down your throat like heaven. And yes, I almost forgot, the producers Marzio and Sabrina Bruseghin coltivate the highest vineyards of Prosecco in the world.

Ferrari Trento DOC “Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore” 2005

If you fancy the idea of something a little more austere, vertical and tense then our lovely Proseccco then this year I would drink this traditional method Italian sparkling wine. Almost ten years of aging on its lees this wine is packed with citrus fruit, vanilla, honey and gun flint with an amazing elderflower finish. It’s a complex and structured Blanc de Blanc (100%) Chardoanny) produced right under the Italian Alps.  I believe it is one if Italy finest wines and that is the reason why I offered it at the Obamas to begin the Amazing Italian Wine Journey.


Soave Classico Calvarino 2011 – Pieropan

The clay and volcanic soil of the Calvarino vineyard makes this wine one of the most wonderful examples of what minerali and saltiness in Whites means. I love the clean white fruit nose of pears and honeydew melon. On the palate the wine has a really smooth touch and despite having a very intese and persistent mouthful which makes it really easy to drink it alone, this is a super gastronomic option for cray fish, creamy risotti and quiche.

Pinot Grigio San Michele Appiano 2015

Alto Adige is always on my mind! I love the crunchy and amazingly clean fruit of these super spicy Whites. Whites. This Pinot has a croissant touch that makes it soooo attractive to me. Orange zest, graphite and camomile with a honey finish. It is produced by one of the world greatest wine cooperatives under the direction of one of Italy’s most respected and knowledgeable wine makers Hans Terzer!


Elena Fucci Aglianico del Vulture Titolo 2015

A stunning single vineyard Aglianico produced around 600m asl on the Vulture Volcano mountain in Basilicata. This is an example of the power and elegance factor that Italian Southern wines can achieve. The vintage delivered ripe and balanced with an amazing cherry intensity, a delicate minty chocolate touch and earl grey. Massive raw tannins which smooth down with the lovely acidity of blood orange, the perfumes of lavender and a silky surprising feeling at the end. The perfect wine for the cold Holidays

Pinot Nero Collebereto 2015

A beautiful ruby red with a very perfumed nose of raspberries, black peppers and a hint of violets. This is a bit of an unusual choice for Tuscan wines but a very holiday style one. So while the prior Red was played on structure and power, here is all about lightness, perfumes and crunchy red fruit. I love how easily the wine goes down despite the complexity.


Vecchio Samperi  Ventennale, Marco De Bartoli, Marsala.

A classic old school Marsala. A sweet and yet non sweet wine roughly 30-year-old produced in the perpetuo system adding each year 5% of new wine in the barrel. Packed with tons of winter notes of woodier, chestnuts, saffron and dry figs and iodine, licorice and leather. I love this wine with some great aged chefs or with a some important creamy poultry or fish dish.

Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà 2014 – Cantine Litan

From dried grapes of Bosco, Vermentino and Albarola varieties this rare amber gold dessert wine is made of pure dry apricots and honey notes. During the drying process, some noble rot may occur, letting this wine become even more complex and intriguing. A very sweet dessert with some Mediterranean herbs, saffron and dates and a very long lasting finish.  


Happy Holidays everyone! Drink only good wines!