With the Holidays coming up I think there will be a lot of talking about this subject.

What is the best way to cure a Hangover? A lot of wine experts don’t talk about it, well, I am going to tell you some quick tips that work for me. First of all the best thing would not to drink too much and know your limits, but if that doesn’t happen here is my method.

According to this idea, one should have some kind of alcoholic breakfast to cut the edges off. I tried… and usually it just gets worst. So don’t try drinking three bellini, really you will just feel worse. Sorry fancy Brunch restaurants!

My favorite way to recover from a heavy one is listed right here:

1) Try to drink water and eat while you are partying

2) Drink water before going to bed.

3) One more time…drink water plenty of water in the morning.

4) Drink some fresh fruit fruit juice and or eat fresh fruit.

(This makes me feel better with myself: the good fellas antioxidants and vitamins to fight the bad oxidants present in alcohol.)

5) I love coconut juice, especially since I read it is packed with electrolyte which help charging our batteries up! 

6) Eggs 🍳 and one slice of beacon always make me feel good. I am sure there’s also a scientific reason why!


7) A slice of peanut butter and jam. I know it is very American, but I love the taste of it and…I have always loved America!

8) And of course, at one point or another, a shot of creamy espresso macchiato for that extra kick!

9) After a couple of hours I go for a long walk or a light jog. 

This is the best part. I love the exercise, sweating the toxins off makes me feel good and my mood gets immediately better.

10) Lunch, yes! 

My favorite hangover lunch is a cup of Miso soup, a big bowl of pasta al pesto, roasted chicken and potatoes  and some sautéed spinach.

PS: please do not tell this anyone but… I do really think a glass of Champagne with my lunch can make the difference!

So get ready for the holidays and pack your houses with all the ingredients we just talked about!  Cheers!