“Wine making doesn’t stop. Production doesn’t stop. Our cellars are full of wine bottles as our clients can’t work, hence can’t buy our wine. If we do not act fast, the virus will kill our viticulture and together with it a fondamentale part of the Italian heritage”.

This is an open letter of over 200 Italian Wine Makers struggling with the abrupt interruption of all activities in the cities: bar, enoteche, wine shops, restaurants.  Most of the small, medium wineries were counting on the HORECA, on-trade business which is now totally shut. This letter gets a large group of wineries together so they can stand and support each other against possible speculations.

#ILVINONONSIFERMA  this is the # and this is a list of the winemakers

Wine makers are the guardian of the landscape and the caretaker of nature. All they are asking is that everyone does his part collaborating for the same cause of the survival and the support of an entire industry!

Here is some of their requests:

  • We do not accept any negotiation aiming to reduce our margins which are the source of survival for our wineries. We ask not to bargain as a fair price is there to make sure we can produce high quality products and make sure that every worker involved is payed fairly.
  • We do not acept unfair business practices such as work on consignment or disproportionate requests for promotions. Only sticking to our current normal commercial agreements can we contribute positively to the survival of the entire supply chain.
  • We ask all our customers to respect the payment deadlines of what is due up to 31/12/2019, at a time when the market still had no issues related to the pandemic.
  • We are available to facilitate credit options that take into account the economic difficulties while keeping into consideration that we farmers do have our own running cost to face.
  • We are committed to working loyally towards our distribution and horeca customers, which are fundamental for the promotion and enhancement of wines produced by Italian winemakers. As a result our B2C prices won’t be reduced. For this reason, we will make sure that our private price lists respect the normal margins reserved for commercial operators.
  • We are convinced that collaboration with all the players in the supply chain should be strengthened, aware that only the best opportunities for growth and strengthening of our industry can only arise from collaboration and dialogue.