My Method:

I like to think of the events I do, not as wine tasting but an experience to live a different way of seeing and tasting wine, threw challenges and games it is much easier to learn then with a traditional method.

I have being in the wine world for a long time and it seems to be seen as a boring but interesting world to discover, I have tried to make it interactive and exciting. Wine is not the end but the medium to share a dinner together, to pair the right plate and discover the best flavors and aroma getting to know people and places like you never have before.

You will be learning about the wineries, owners and not only tasting wines to learn about the technical details.

I have built a system to bring people together, to bond, and while tasting to discover their palate, learning the basics about wine is fundamental, but most of all it’s important to learn what you like, how to order at a restaurant and what wines to buy.

My Method is directed to whom already knows a lot about the wine world and collectors, to people that have just started their path.